Some members of our SPAA Family                           in class and at performances, Past and Present!  

​​Message from the Director....    Throughout the past 40 years, we have touched the lives of thousands of students and we are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to make a difference in many of their lives,

Students come and go, but the memories are never forgotten. We cherish each and every minute with our SPAA family and hope that one day, when they are no longer with us, they will remember not only the steps taught by their teachers or dancing next to their best friend, but that rush of adrenaline you get when you perform in front of an audience that pushes you to your limits to excel, in whatever it is you are doing. 

Dance is something that will be in your heart forever! Always remember the fun we had together and cherish the memories.    This year our new challenge was quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic.    Our senior student missed the last part of their dance season, but we will cherish every minute of the time we shared! Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us!

Stratford Performing Arts Academy,LLC

To our Assistant Teachers and Student Assistants

Senior Modern...Another Brick in the Wall...2019  

More Updated photos will be added soon!!!

We are so proud of our Alumni!   See what they've been up to!

"Gone...but Never forgotten"! (some fun photos of the past and present).

Year of Graduation. Information  below is with permission.   If you would like to be added to this list and were a member of our dance family for 10 years or graduated as a senior, please message us on face book.

2020-Juliana Rousseau....attending University of Connecticut

2020-Tori Weed....attending college in Virginia 

2020-Courtney Lutheran...attending Bryant University

2018-Cheyenne Granado....attending University of Bridgeport

2018-Joselyn Torres....working in the Industry

2018- Brianna Lora....attending Sacred Heart University

2018-Tyler Bailey...attending Hofstra University

2018-Alexis Porter...attending Gateway College

2018-Isabella Vaitkus...attending Central Connecticut University                                                    

2017-Jessinia Santiago....attending   Boston College of Medical Sciences

2017-Franchesca Almonte...attending University of Southern Florida

2017-Lindsay Colacurcio-attending University of Connecticut

2017-Emily Booth-attending Endicott College

2017-Jasmine Streeter-attending University of Hartford

2017-Courtney Greene-attending University of Hartford

2017-Madelyne Medina-attending Delaware Valley University

2016-Lindoria Pittman....Attended Sacred Heart University and currently in Oxford Hair Academy

2016-Danielle Evan...attending Sacred Heart University

2016-Stephanie Gabriel...Graduate University of New Haven

2016-Olivia Mastroluca...Graduate Fairfield University

2015- Lisa Marie Johnson....Graduate pf Boston University

2014 - Caroline Morrissey....Graduate of  Columbia University

2014 - Sophia Vetrosky...Gradutate of  University of Connecticut

2014 - Emily Mackay...Graduate of UMASS

2014- Sabrina DiNuzzo...Graduate of Central Connecticut

2012 - Dion Pratt....Graduate of  California Institute for the Arts/Dance Major. 

2012 - Kelsey Senteio....2016 graduate of Pace University/Theatre Major, and SPAA Theatre and Hip Hop Instructor

2012 - Aubrey Sierer....2016 graduate of Fairfield University Theatre/English major, and SPAA vocal and Theatre instructor. Currently with Seagate Rep Summer Stock, New Hampshire

2011 - Anisa Nieves Talercio ....graduated from Adelphi University/Dance Major.  and Masters in Social Work.

2011 - Catie Simon Henning.....2016 graduate of Southern CT State University/Special Education

2010 - Elise Pittman...graduated from Sacred Heart University/Psychology.  Masters in Psychology.  Assistant Dean of Students, New Haven Academy, Current member of SPAA faculty.

2010 - Shannon McHale Navarro....graduated from Southern CT State University/Early Childhood Education,  Masters in Education.   Current member of SPAA faculty.

2010 - Julianna Cruz...graduated from Hartt College/Music Production major.  Currently working as sales representative for NBC Connecticut and guest Vocal instructor for SPAA.

2010 - Amanda Krapp....graduate from Manhattanville College Dance Therapy Major.

2008 - Marie Carlona....graduate of Southern Connecticut State University/Communications major and works in promotional products industry. She is a new Mom to Carleigh .

2008 - Joshua Torres....studied Psychology and Martial Arts at the University of Bridgeport. Currently a member of SPAA faculty

2008 - Gisele "Lola" Johnson...Graduate of California Institute of the Arts...currently working as a professional dancer in California.

2007 - Mackenzie Tyler...Graduate of Rutgers University/Dance Major...Professional Dancer

2007 - Nancy Louigene....Graduate of Hofstra University/Dance Major

2007 - Dana McKinney,,,Graduate of Princeton University and Harvard School of Design.   

2007  - Rosalinda Mair Mathurin...Graduated from Dean Collet/Dance Major, worked for Disney Cruise Lines and Princess Mulan.   Also a SPAA guest faculty member.

2005 - Christina Maniero Hudson...Graduated from Loyola New Orleans College of Law 

2003 - MacKenzie Ziegler...graduate of Aveda Institute  NYC currently living in  Orleans,LA as a hair stylist and make up artist, and New Orleans Organ Grinders Performance Group.

2001 - Wendi Zdru....Graduate of Southern CT State University.  Currently IT Specialist and SPAA Faculty member.

2000 - Brittany Medeiros Ruilova...attended Brio Hair Academy.  Currently owner of Bee's Butterfly Pastries, and founder of Anxiety/Depression..Step into Awareness    Former SPAA Hip Hop instructor for 15 years.

1996 - Peter J. Maida...graduate of ITT Technical Institute. Network Operations  manager for RCB Bearings Corporation. Married to Amber Maida, former faculty member.

1996 - Stacey Halpern...graduate of Coastal Carolina University, currently a Kindergarten teacher in the Myrtle Beach area, South Carolina.

1995 - Amy Hovan Taylor...graduate of Bunnell H.S.  Amy is a SPAA mom.  Her daughter, Ashlynn is currently a member of the SPAA Company and is a 9th year member of SPAA.

1993 - Julie Braziel...graduated from Hartford Conseratory/Dance Pedagogy, continued Dance Major at Louisburg College.   Currently Co-Director of SPAA, Dance Honor Society Advisor and former home school teacher to her two children.

Photos of Our Amazing Students, Teachers and Alumni!

Our Teachers and Guest Instructors in the classroom and  more SPAA  kids!